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How to use X-server in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) & remote ssh terminal X server forwarding 본문

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How to use X-server in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) & remote ssh terminal X server forwarding

Koboogy 2019. 12. 3. 01:49

Hey there, I'll talk about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) which has been developed actively since its release.


WSL enables the Linux features in the Windows system by running the Linux kernel in Windows. We can use most of the features of Linux except Nvidia CUDA processing and some hardware related features. 



Let's see how to use the WSL.


1. WSL Activation



2. Install particular Linux distribution (ex: Ubuntu 18.04)



3. Set-up X-server


Graphic User Interface (GUI) is the thing used to display the graphic included programs. In Windows, you can easily find some files whenever you want using the Windows Explorer. This is the GUI program. You can use your keyboard and mouse to interact with your display. Linux also has the feature to enable the display of the program which is called by X Windows System. For example, a program including graphical features (client) connects to the server and the server receives some instruction of the client displaying what the server receives.


You may find a more detailed description in the Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System)



> install gedit

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gedit


> setup the display number

sudo nano ~/.bashrc # you may use vi editior instead.
export DISPLAY=:localhost:0

save and quit.


> re-source bashrc (bash startup codes)

source ~/.bashrc


4. ssh X-server forwarding


ssh provides X-server forwarding.


So you can use that by running

ssh user_name@address -p port_number -X

with -X


> ssh access example

ssh suhan@ -p 12345 -X



rviz with ssh and X-server


- I'm still updating this article.

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